Now you can visualise your local weather status through simple 3D animations. This animated atmospheric representation will make checking your weather more enjoyable and exciting.

Mac App designed by Idea2Inspire

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Get live weather forcast on fullscreen mode

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Pre-loaded Themes

It comes with some of the premium themes you can use directly from the app. All the themes can be accessed from App Preferences window. More stunning themes are coming with the next update.

Mac app designed by Idea2Inspire.

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Timely Notification

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The 3DWeather for Mac

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Take a look at the 3DWeather Video

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3D animated widget

Get weather updates through 3D animated atmospheric representations in a small widget. Different weather condition has its own animation.

Live weather updates

3DWeather provides you live weather reports with forecasts and other important weather info integrated into a small widget.


Keep track on recent changes and developments on weather conditions in your Notification Centre automatically with sound effects.

Pre-loaded themes

It also comes with several pre-loaded themes featuring different scenarios and 3D animations to present weather info in a beautiful way.

Menu Bar icon

Access Weather forecasts and updates directly from the Menu Bar icon and explore other locations from the drop down effortlessly.


3DWeather comes with a number of customization options in the Preferences window.

First thing first. Location!

Let the app fetch your location or do it manually

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Home screen

Bring up home screen check weather from locations

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Hide widget background

Give your widget a new look by hiding the background

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Trusted Weather data source

3DWeather uses weather data of WeatherUnderground

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App Highlights

-Save 10 different locations into the app.
-Open app at login.
-Browse weather forecast from Menu Bar.
-Use weather icon in dock with temperature status.
-Float widget on top of everything in Desktop.
-Adjust transparency of widget.
-Choose from four different widget sizes.
-Get weather alert in Notification Center with sound.
-A total of 12 themes included in the app (3 themes are free, rest are available as in-app purchase).
-Get feeds from other weather info provider and use it in the app.
-Change weather icons from 3 different icon sets that is available in the app.
-View weather info and forecast in Window Style and view it in fullscreen from there.

- Developed by Idea2Inspire

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A weather app, first of its kind

Dont just readout weather statistics, but also visualize it

For more details, please visit our FAQ page



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"The themes are very beautiful and weather reports are precise and accurate. The weather forecast UI is simple and easy to understand. The weather stats are detailed and at the same time not so full of unnecessary data."

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"I've been using 3DWeather in widget form on the top left of my desktop and it is one of those things that looks so good that I don't feel like disabling it at all."

Beautiful Pixels
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"I need to check weather from other locations and this app perfectly fulfils my purpose. The integration of the keyboard arrow keys to change between locations is very useful and subtle."

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