Q: What are the system requirements for 3DWeather?
Q: How to keep the animation going or stop in the widget when the app is inactive?
Q: How to change the widget size?
Q: How to change themes?
Q: How to hide the background in widget?
Q: How to hide app icon from Dock and show weather icon instead with temperature?
Q: What is Home Screen and how to open it?
Q: How to access 3DWeather from Statusmenu Bar?
Q: How to see Hourly/Daily weather forecast?
Q: How to keep the widget on top of everything that is open on my desktop?
Q: How to add/remove location?
Q: How to change location of the widget?
Q: How to open weather source link from Weather Underground?
Q: How to change weather icon style?
Q: How to show/Hide the name of the location on widget?
Q: How to change auto weather update time interval?
Q: How to update weather at anytime?
Lets learn some Keyboard shortcuts to use 3DWeather more efficiently:

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