CalendarPro for Google

Calendar Pro for Google is a Google calendar app with intuitive design. It is a must have app for every Mac user who wants to get quick access to Google Calendar without using Web Browsers.

Mac App designed by Idea2Inspire

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Freedom from Web browsers

Work in Google Calendar more faster as an Mac Application.

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Open multiple windows

Add more than one Google Account and access each account in different windows

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Create Event

Organize your schedule by creating events more efficiently

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Print Calendars [CMD P]

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Take a look at CalendarPro for Google in action

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Quickly add events

Just click on a Calendar and quickly add your event details. It is as simple as that.

Open multiple windows

This app lets users to open multiple windows for different calendars so that you can be more productive and organized.

Print Calendars

CalendarPro for Google has included the Print option where users can print their calendars and keep them as a hard copy.

App Highlights:

- Quick Access to Google Calendar.
- Fast and responsive.
- Add multiple Google Accounts.
- Open multiple windows for different accounts.
- Get alert directly into Notification Center for upcoming events.
- Very easy to add events or appointments and share.
- Fullscreen mode.
- Hot Key to open app faster.
- Keyboard shortcuts for New window (⌘ N) and Reload calendar (⌘ R).
- Print Calendars easily.
- Search Bar to find events quickly.

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CalendarPro for Google

Embrace the easiest & fastest way to work on Google Calendar on your Mac.


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"This isn’t the most glamorous calendar app out there, but it does work with Google Calendar a lot better than any other application I’ve tried."

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"So far, at first use, I like it better than the stock Mac version. The app is working very well and suits my needs for a desktop calendar, especially since it integrates and syncs well with Google Calendar."

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"I use Google Calendar in my business and wanted an app that would mean I did not need to use a browser, or my personal Apple Calendar. This app does a very good job."

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