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Desktop Bible will help users to dive into the Sacred Scriptures without all the clutter of Internet. The app interface is smartly divided and categorized into different sections, which make it a lot easier to navigate through the app.
Mac App designed by Idea2Inspire

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48 Bible Versions

Get your hands on 48 Bible Versions across various languages along KJV

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Cross refer two versions together

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Write Journals

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48 Bible Versions

Desktop Bible comes packed with 48 Bible Versions across different languages. It becomes very helpful to find all the popular versions in one app.

Write Journal

It has a built-in directory where users can take notes, create journals and save them for future reference. Users can also easily share them through mail

Desktop Bible Lite

Desktop Bible also offers a free version that is available in the Mac App Store. It only comes with KJV. Other features remain the same in the free verison.

App Highlights

-Easy-to-navigate user interface.
-Option for Simplified Verses.
-Mark Bible verses as Favorite.
-Browse Favorite verses in one place.
-Make personal journal and include Bible verses.
-Search for Bible verses through the whole app.
-Share scripture in social medias like Twitter.

- Developed by Idea2Inspire

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A complete offline Bible App for Mac

Read Bible without all the clutter of Internet


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"I really wanted a light weight easy to read app that I could quickly navigate to find and copy specific verses. This is it! I use several Bible Study apps on my Mac including Olive Tree’s Bible Study, Accordance, and Logos for study materials and research but they are all cumbersome when in comes to normal reading or picking out key verses to paste into my notes."

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"I am so thankful I found this baby! I only wish I had found it at the begining of the school year! It is so helpful to have Bible on my desktop as well as a place to take notes for each chapter and verse."

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"I teach a Sunday school class at First Baptist of Dallas, Ga., and it saves me so much time to be able to copy the reference verses in our lesson and paste them to text edit and print."

Billy Dedon
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