Holiday VideoWall 2016

Holiday VideoWall 2016 is the ultimate collection of some of the finest live wallpapers for Christmas and New Year you would ever have in this Holiday Season.

Mac App designed by Idea2Inspire

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idea2inspire Holiday Video wall

Preview Live Wallpapers

Quickly take a look at the live wallpaper before applying.

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Hand picked Live Wallpapers

All the Live Wallpapers are 100% unique in their design with eye-catching animations.

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Fullscreen mode

Run Live Wallpapers in Fullscreen mode

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Take a look at the Holiday VideoWall Video

Watch Video

58 Live Wallpapers

This app boasts a total of 58 beautiful Live Wallpapers featuring Christmass and New Year 2016. All the live wallpapers are handpiced and designed with care.

Mark as Favorite

Mark Live Wallpapers as Favorite & find them in one place. Users can also set their favorite wallpapers as screensaver and automatically change them randomly after a certain period.

More Features

It also comes with advanced features which give users options to choose for how long they want the app to run and when to stop.

App Highlights:

-A collection of 58 beautiful Live Wallpapers for Christmas and New Year 2016.
-Preview Wallpapers before applying.
-Set Live Wallpapers directly from the app.
-Easy to launch & open Live Wallpapers.
-Mark Live Wallpapers as Favorite & find them in one place.
-Hide app icon from Dock.
-Open automatically at Log In without displaying the app.
-Option to set multiple Live Wallpapers and change them randomly.
-Make Live Wallpapers Transparent.
-Run Live Wallpapers only on idle mode as ScreenSave.
-Quickly open app and app preference from Stausmenu Bar icon.
-Option to set Live Wallpapers on multiple desktops.

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Holiday VideoWall 2016

Live Wallpapers for Christmas & New Year.


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"Really a cool bunch of live wallpapers. i liked every bit of it. The video quality is good. it is looking great on my iMac as well as Macbook Pro. Overall a great live wallpaper app."

Helen Beck
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"I like having these live wallpapers on the Desktop, specially now when the Christmas is not so far. The concept behind this is app is good and the live wallpapers are designed perfectly for this holiday season."

Craig Edwards
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"The idea behind this is so simple yet very joyful. The quality of these live wallpapers are very high and flawless. I cannot complain on that part. Other than the live wallpapers, the design of the app is very user friendly."

Michael Dean
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