SmartPlayer is a simple, easy to use media player for your Mac. It has got some unique features, which will transform your video watching experience to a different level.

Mac App designed by Idea2Inspire

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Play any video easily

Its supports all the popular video formats and codecs.

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Drag & drop videos

Just drop videos on the playlist from anywhere and play rightaway.

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Different ways to play

It allows users to play videos in four different ways.

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Easy to play

With SmartPlayer its very easy to add videos in Playlist. Just drag and drop videos and play them rightaway.

Save Playlist

Users can save Playlist after adding their favorite videos and play them later. This way it becomes quicker to play videos.

Stream online videos

This media player also support online streaming of videos like Youtube videos. Just add the URL in the Playlist and your are good to go.

Key Features:

-Play videos on desktop, front or status bar.
-Play in Semi Transparent mode.
-Customize Aspect Ratio settings.
-Increase or decrease playback speed.
-Trim videos and play right away.
-Use shortcuts for most of the settings.
-Share videos via mail right from the app.
-Add URL in Playlist to stream videos.

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The most effortless way to play videos on Mac

SmartPlayer is capable of playing high definition videos.


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"It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.Thanx for making an app so simple to use. I have been looking for a video player like this. it supports all my video files."

Helen Beck
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"It is a fully featured video player that runs videos quickly not matter how long the playlist is. The thing it does with the video aspect ratio is amazing."

Craig Edwards
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"Its a great player. Powerful and quick. It also can trim videos. It becomes very helpful when you have a long video and want to watch a small part in that."

Michael Dean
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