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RePix is a simple image resizing tool that allows to batch resize images at any resolution predefined by the user. This is the quickest way one can batch resize a large number of images at once.

Mac App designed by Idea2Inspire.

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idea2inspire RePix

Batch resize images the easy way.

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Drop images on the preset pallets.

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Choose Options and do more.

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Automatic Backup & delete

It takes back up of the original image each time "Replace" is chosen.

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Take a look at the Repix Video

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Auto Backup

RePix has this feature where users can take Backup of the original image automatically each time "Replace" is chosen.

Rename images

RePix gives you the ability to batch rename images at once efficiently. Just drop your images and choose Options. Type your desired name and you are done.

Image resize process

If you have so many images that need to be exported into a different format, then RePix have you covered.

App Highlights:

-Smart and improved app UI.
-Easy to predefine height & width of the output image.
-Quick image resize process.
-Drag and drop images into the app that are to be resized.
-Decrease image size in jpg format.
-Delete Back up automatic after 1 day or 7 days.

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Resize images the easy way

Start using RePix today & save your valuable time and effort.

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