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Do you feel that you are not drinking enough water everyday? Do you forget to drink water in your busy schedule? Don’t worry anymore, because WaterApp can help you with reminders to keep you hydrated.
iOS App designed by Idea2Inspire

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Built-in Reminder

Reminder will let you know when its time to take a break and have a glass of water.

iOS app designed by Idea2Inspire.

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Available in iPad also

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Intuitive UI

WaterApp integrates the easiest UI for the Mac App from where users will be able to register water intake very easily.


Both Mac and iOS have a History section from where users will be able take a glance at how many glasses of water they have consumed last week.

Water wave animation

One of the attractions of WaterApp is that, it creates a beautiful water wave animation in the app with the number of glasses of water.

App Highlights:

-Easy to use app. Add a glass with one click.
-Reminder option to notify you to drink water.
-Desktop Widget with number of glasses that has been drunk.
-Quickly take a glance on how much water you consumed this week.
-Water wave animation.

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Built for iPad

If you have an iPad, you can easily use Water App and register your daily water intake from your iPad. It will keep you notified when its time to drink a glass of water. WaterApp will help you in fulfilling your daily water intake and keeps you hydrated all the time.

Just add a glass after you drink water and easily reach your daily goal. Just set up your desired water break intervals in the app and you will get notified in the Notification Center. You will also be able to see how much water you have consumed this week very easily as a motivation for the next day.

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App Reviews

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"I really liked the app. its a good idea to have a program like this which will keep reminding you to have a glass of water. And its so easy to use also. Great app."

Helen Beck
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"Great app to keep track and push you further to drink more water. It always happens so that we don’t drink enough water in a day but this app has totally solved my problem."

Craig Edwards
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"Very helpful app to have in my mac. It is now become effortless to be hydrated throughout the day."

Michael Dean
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