Tiny Agents

Tiny Agents is a unique, one of its kind Arcade game for Mac, iOS and Android. It has introduced a new approach towards effortless gaming and deriving utmost excitement at the same time.

Players need to bounce a white ball in the air by pressing J to dodge various obstacles. The game derives its uniqueness by featuring two little solid spherical objects, hanging around the white one that get their momentum when you bounce the white ball and circle around it to help players break the obstacles that come along the way and make the journey more exciting. These are called Tiny Agents and they are always invincible, but not you!

Try not to get close to any hurdles and break apart. The longer you survive the more points you will get. You can spend your points to get special power ups.

Slow motion: Take slow motion power up to slow down the momentum of the game play for 10 seconds and make difficult parts easy to play.

Invincibility: This power up will help you become invincible against any obstacles for limited period of time.

How to play:

Android, iPhone and iPad: Just tap on the screen to make the ball jump and dodge the obstacles. At the left bottom corner you will see buttons for slow motion and invincibility. Just tap on them respectively to activate power ups.

Mac: Just press J to make the ball jump and dodge the obstacles. Get power ups at any point of time during the game play by pressing S and I for Slow motion and Invincibility respectively. Press Return to restart the game.

Game Highlights

-Crazy game environment with tricky obstacles.
-Catchy sound effects and background score.
-Real life physics based game controls
-So many different levels.

So, download Tiny Agents today and enjoy playing it with your friends and colleague.

iPad & iPhone
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